As a student of psychology I can honestly say that consulting Dr Sanderson for ‘spirit release’ was one of the best life-choices I have made. It was an incredible journey that has changed the direction of my life completely. We also worked on integrating aspects of my own mind using ‘internal family therapy’. The combination has enabled me to become myself for the first time in my life. I have been able to understand, accept and integrate the destructive behaviours from my past. I am now able to move forward and create value with my life. Working with Dr Sanderson has expanded my compassionate mind and enhanced my perspective. It has given me valuable insight into the suffering of humanity. I consider these key factors paramount for becoming happy and also for empowering others to become happy.
R.C. Cambridge 2013


“The work of Alan Sanderson goes beyond words, it took one session for Alan to help release and heal a spirit attachment that had followed me through various lifetimes. I had been plagued by paranoid and obsessive thoughts for many years, primarily in my relationships. Other types of therapy had helped for a short time but within a few weeks the thoughts and problems would return again. Christmas and New Year 2013 were not easy for me, I think the level of paranoia and continuous negative chatter was at the highest it had ever been, to the point where I was seriously considering seeking medical help and accepting the possibility of taking medication. But having met Alan some years ago and knowing his professional psychiatric background as well as his years of experience with Spirit Release I chose to seek out Alan’s help first. I knew I was in safe hands and could just let go and see where the work took us. Without going into so much detail both myself and the female spirit, who had attached in a previous life, were both equally shocked and surprised at what had actually happened. In the compassionate space that Alan created both myself and Isabella (I made a promise to think of her in name and not just as a spirit attachment) found a place of understanding and forgiveness. It took me a few days to get used to having a quite and peaceful mind, and to experience my relationship changing in ways I could never have previously imagined. Now there are just two of us in this current relationship. If there are any mild mind chatters, I now can recognise them as my own insecurities in relationship and not mine and the last moments of life for Isabella all that time ago.

I don’t think this work could have taken place without my feeling safe and secure in the years of professional wisdom and compassion that Alan has within himself. Thank you, thank you.”
MW – London


I met Dr Alan Sanderson after many years of consulting psychologists and psychiatrists concerning the issues I had, and following mental health problems, where I was in hospital. I had read about him in a newspaper article and decided to contact. From the beginning his warmth, kindness, was clear, his great understanding and wealth of experience, and I felt completely relaxed. What was different was the approach – in the past doctors have just supplied pills and medication – but this time round it was spiritual, kind, loving, psychological, humane, hypnotherapeutic, that relaxed me a great deal – Dr Sanderson provides spiritual healing and hypnotherapy – and it was his ability to utilise many different and various avenues and roads to cure me of my ills, which has resulted in lasting benefits. He also uses readings of the ancient Chinese philosophy of “I Ching” to assist during his therapy, and, having personally experienced previous psychiatrists to no avail I found that this has worked for me. I only wish there were more people like him since I have no doubt that his approach is key in helping those with emotional and mental health problems to regain their strength and live a better life and proper future. I can honestly say without question that Dr Sanderson is one of the nicest, warmest, kindest, rarest, and quite remarkable, human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and being counted as a true friend who has helped me to help myself during very difficult and turbulent times.
J.W. London


I went to therapy with Alan in August 2002. I had a nervous break-down due to a history of traumatic experiences that have jeopardised my life.
Alan was always calm with whatever issues I came up with in our therapy sessions, helping me to feel respected, which was the key for me not to engage on fears that would have created panic attacks and anxieties of not easy ways to manage.
Alan uses different therapeutic approaches, and he includes the spiritual aspect into therapy as well, this has been helpful for me to separate some of the religious beliefs that I used to carry out, those beliefs were much of the problem and also stuck me on my personal problems too.
Eventually, I decided to move to Scotland to live in a therapeutic community. Alan encouraged me to take that step because I was very undecided with different life pressures. While in the community I found the space and tranquillity to overcome the problems I was facing, and I kept contact to Alan that gave me unconditional support.
I recovered fully by the end of 2008 and I have not looked back again. I keep very active now studying in high education, working part time and I have a few hobbies that keep me fit and happy.
I am enormously grateful to Alan for the professional support and kind friendship that we have developed along these years, he has been very kind and supportive to me and above all respectful.
D.A. 2013. Dundee