In the twenty years since I first began to offer spiritually-based treatments, the focus has widened from my original concern with spirit attachment. It now includes the complex world of sub-personalities (also known as ego-states) and the influence of positive spiritual presences, in particular the higher self. This results in a fuller understanding of the dynamics, and more effective treatments.

I help the individual into a relaxed state, which facilitates communication with whatever part is in need. Contact with the higher self, which responds either through the patient’s voice or by finger movement, is then effected. The higher self will often reveal the presence of a distressed ego state or of an entity of external origin. A child ego state must be approached with appropriate language, while any external entity which comes forward, must be engaged with respect and encouraged to provide information about its nature and purpose.

The procedure is unrelated to any religious belief or practice. However, the patent’s religious beliefs are taken into account, and help from religious figures may be requested. The essence of the therapy is to relieve distress by bringing release and resolution. Facilitating such a shift in orientation involves encouraging the individual to open to the metaphysical experiences of ‘Light’ and ‘Love’, these being the true agents of the healing that often takes place. My current therapeutic approach is modelled on Soul-centered Healing, as described in the book of that name, by Tom Zinser (see Book Reviews).